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Share the beauty and facts of your local watershed with others in the Delaware River community.  Please tell us what you know about your local creek and watershed, how long is it, what towns does it pass through, any special designations under the law, what about its special places for swimming, fishing, kayaking and more, does it face challenges that need to be addressed?  Help us tell people about the creeks and rivers that are part of your life.  Email your submission to

The Delaware Riverkeeper Network will remove information we know to be false, but we are unable to vet every fact posted, so please be sure to confirm facts before you rely upon them.    Also, if you post information we determine to be false, misleading or contrary to the best interests of protecting your waterway and/or watershed and its natural resources, DRN will remove that information from this site.  Our goal is to share valued and valuable information that inspires and supports appreciation for, and protective action for, the waterways of the Delaware River watershed and will remove any postings that counter this objective.

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