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Sign the Petition to help New Jersey obtain a Green Amendment

The State of New Jersey is facing a historic opportunity – the passage of a constitutional amendment that will recognize the right to clean water, clean air and a healthy environment.  

The New Jersey legislature is considering whether the state should amend its Constitution to enshrine every New Jerseyan’sright to a clean and healthy environment, including pure water, clean air, and ecologically healthy habitats,” and to protect these rights for “both present and future generations.”

It is commonly thought that New Jeseyan’s have a right to clean water, clean air and a healthy environment.   But that is simply not the case.  While there are laws that work to manage environmental pollution and degradation, they do not recognize the inalienable right to a healthy environment and as a result environmental protection is not given the highest legal protection available under the law. In New Jersey the right to free speech, freedom of religion and other freedoms are protected as fundamental rights in the state constitution.  But New Jersey has NO constitutional provision protecting environmental rights in the state.

For decades, the people of New Jersey have relied federal and state legislation to protect their natural resources. And for decades, the laws have let them down. New Jersey water, air, forests, and other special places from the highlands to the pinelands have been allowed to degrade in ways that are harming people’s lives. A Constitutional provision could help change that.

In order to obtain this highest level of protection in New Jersey, the bill must pass through both houses of the New Jersey Legislature before the people of New Jersey will be given the opportunity to vote, through the following ballot, on whether or not their right to pure water, clean air and a healthy environment will be protected by the state constitution.

Sign our petition supporting passage of a New Jersey Green Amendment. This will allow us to show all of our NJ legislators the high level of support when the moment is right. So please, sign our petition below, and then get your family, friends and community members to do the same.

After signing this petition, you can take additional actions to help get this legislation passed.

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Sign the petition to stop LNG export on the Delaware River

New Fortress Energy and Delaware River Partners are proposing to add a dock with two more shipping berths to the Gibbstown terminal’s one dock already under construction, potentially tripling the activity at the facility and requiring approximately 1,650 truck trips every day and 24-36 ship passages of loaded LNG or natural gas liquid (NGL) vessels on the Delaware River each year. Rail transport may be added and a new access road built. The Gibbstown site is located adjacent to the residential community of Gibbstown, including schools, playgrounds, and public buildings. Transport by truck and rail will require this flammable and potentially explosive cargo to be carried 125 miles or more through Pennsylvania and New Jersey communities. The highly dangerous loading of LNG directly to ships by pipes will be a continuous operation 24/7, 365 days per year. NGL will be stored on site in an old underground cavern. The entire property is a polluted superfund site that was owned by DuPont as an explosives manufacturing plant and by other industries that added to the pollution.

Sign the petition below to support a complete ban on fracking in the Delaware River basin.


To the Delaware River Basin Commission voting members - the Governors of New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, representing the Basin states, and the Army Corps of Engineers, representing the federal government:

We, the undersigned, call for the Delaware River Basin Commission to enact a permanent ban on natural gas drilling and fracking and all related activities (including drilling; fracking; fracking wastewater storage, processing and discharges; and water withdrawals for drilling and fracking) throughout the Delaware River Watershed.

During the nine years of the DRBC drilling moratorium, scientific studies have exposed environmental harms and documented damaging health effects, leading New York and Maryland to ban fracking. The overwhelming weight of evidence shows that shale gas simply cannot be extracted safely.

The DRBC is responsible for protecting the water resources of the Delaware River Watershed — upon which 15 million people rely for their drinking water. This water supply and the Wild and Scenic Delaware River are irreplaceable. Governors, the time to enact a full and permanent ban is NOW!

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