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Report a Polluter


Report Pollution and Other Threats - Here's a list of Government Agencies to contact and report the incident

  • Have you witnessed a pollution incident,
  • Do you know of projects or programs that threaten the health of streams, wetlands, lakes or rivers,
  • Are you witnessing the day to day degradation of your local stream and want to take action,
  • Do you have information about illegal activities or pollution that are threatening the health of local waterways?

If so immediately call our Pollution Hotline. We'll help you report the problem and take the action necessary to put a stop to the harm.

Sometimes we'll help you take the needed steps yourself, 
Sometimes we'll help you organize your community to get involved,
Sometimes we'll jump in with testimony, expertise and direct action,
Sometimes we'll take needed legal steps,

Always we'll take action to protect the creek, the wetlands, the watershed, your community and the River.