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Week 5: How does Climate Change Impact Water Resources?

Fracking produces methane which speeds climate change which impacts water flows and quality.

Write to the DRBC NOW for a COMPLETE frack ban!

Use these easy on-line systems to ban fracking, ban frack wastewater, ban water exports for fracking! Help explain to DRBC that fracking uncontrollably releases the powerful greenhouse gas methane which is contributing to extreme weather events, floods, sea level rise, and destabilizing our streams, rivers, infrastructure, and water resources.  

Welcome to Week 5 of “8 Weeks to a Ban” and “Watershed Wednesdays”! This week we examine the inextricable connection between fracking, methane, climate change, and the stability, quality, and availability of our water supplies and watershed ecosystems. The most immediately effective way to reduce the warming of the atmosphere is to stop fracking’s methane emissions because the climate responds more quickly to methane reductions than CO2 reductions. That means DRBC must ban fracking in the Watershed and also ban water withdrawals for fracking and wastewater discharges in the Basin so that we aren’t making the greenhouse gas problem worse by facilitating fracking anywhere.

Even if you commented already, you can file another comment, there is no limit to how many an individual can submit. The issue of climate change is critical for the entire planet, our nation, and for the Delaware River Watershed as well – we must be part of the solution, not part of the problem. And the depletion and spoiling of the Basins’ waters by fracking and its activities will mean more pollution, less clean water. So please weigh in on this topic by submitting a comment NOW.

Just click on the comment platforms and find suggested comments on this topic that you can quickly submit and, if you wish, there is also supplemental information that provides more in-depth background to help you write your own into the template we provide and then submit right there.

We need to make our case to the DRBC in support of a COMPLETE fracking ban and in opposition to their draft gas regulations that would allow the toxic and radioactive wastewater produced by fracking to be stored, processed, and discharged in the Delaware River Watershed and allow water to be exported from the Basin to fuel fracking elsewhere. 

Your comments must be considered by the DRBC and the Commissioners - the Governors of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware - who will eventually vote on the frack ban. Please seize the moment with us to prevent the Delaware River watershed from being fracked!

Two great ways to do that are:
Watershed Wednesdays and Eight Weeks to a Ban.
Please go to BOTH these links to send your comment – it’s easy!

You can comment as many times as you wish – and that’s what we need so we make an iron-clad case on the DRBC’s record with many voices demanding a complete ban and spelling out why.

You may also comment directly to DRBC using their portal. Use these Talking Points. You can also view the DRBC's draft regulations here.

The DRBC issued draft natural gas regulations on Nov. 30. They proposed a ban on fracking but, illogically, also issued draft regulations that would allow the toxic wastewater produced by fracking to be stored, processed, and discharged in the Delaware River Watershed and allow water to be exported from the Basin for fracking elsewhere. It is critical that we make it clear that we want to BAN IT ALL – ban fracking throughout the Watershed, ban frack wastewater from being dumped here, and ban Delaware River Watershed water from being exported to fuel fracking elsewhere.

This moment has been years in the making, please take part in the written comment process so we can achieve a COMPLETE ban on fracking once and for all throughout the Delaware River Watershed.

Thursday, March 1, 2018 - 12:00 AM to Wednesday, March 7, 2018 - 11:30 PM