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Please Join Frack-free Friday March 8! And join us at March 13 DRBC Meeting to Demand a Ban!
Call the Governors of the DRBC for a FULL fracking ban!

Friday March 8 will continue Frack-free Fridays – calling the Governors of the four states of the Delaware River Basin - New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware - for a complete ban on fracking and all related activities throughout the Delaware River Watershed, including a ban on frack wastewater dumping and water exports for fracking. Their votes on the proposed gas regulations at the Delaware River Basin Commission will decide the future of our Watershed.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy sent a letter to the Commission last month saying he will support a watershed-wide permanent ban on fracking and its associated activities, including a ban of frack wastewater storage, processing and discharges in the Basin, and a ban on water exports from the watershed for use in fracking elsewhere. See his letter here. Also, see his press release here. We’re asking Governor Murphy to now reach out to each of his fellow Governors to support a complete fracking ban. We’re asking NY Governor Cuomo, PA Governor Wolf, and DE Governor Carney to step up to support a complete fracking ban now!

Call the governors by filling out the form below. A call script is provided for your convenience:

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Once each quarter the DRBC meets publicly and there's a public comment session – please join us there on March 13 to tell the Governors we demand a full frack ban!

DRBC Public Meeting
Wednesday, March 13, 10:30 am (lasts about 2 hours)
Washington Crossing Historic Park Visitor Center
1112 River Road
Washington Crossing, PA

Go here to sign up to speak or simply join the crowd to show support:

Join Frack-free Fridays this Friday March 8 and join us March 13 at the DRBC Meeting to speak for a full ban – our Watershed’s health and our future depend on it. Thank you for your participation!

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