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Maya van Rossum on BBC World Service Business Matters (2019-02-27)

Maya van Rossum on Reality Check with Charles Ellison (2019-02-06)

Maya van Rossum on Trenton365 with Jacque Pierre Howard (2019-02-05)

Maya van Rossum on BBC World Service Business Matters (2019-01-30)

Maya van Rossum on KGO 810 with Ethan Bearman (2019-01-21)

Maya van Rossum on WISR-AM “It’s Your Turn” with Dave Malarkey (Pittsburgh) (2018-09-28)

Maya van Rossum on KMOX-FM St. Louis on "Total Information AM Sunday" with Brian Kelly (2018-09-23)

Maya van Rossum speaks with Ethan Bearman on KGO 810 in California (2018-07-24)

Maya van Rossum speaks with 411 Teen Tallahassee (2018-07-01)

Maya van Rossum speaks with Sierra Club SEPA about pursuing an environmental rights amendment (2018-06-05)

Maya van Rossum with Marty Moss-Coane in a Conversation on Green Amendments on WHYY Radio Times (2018-05-22)

Maya van Rossum chats on WEOL Radio (2018-04-30)

Maya van Rossum with Warren Lawrence at WKNY in the Morning (2018-04-30) Van Rossum weighs in on the Governor Cuomo's announced plastic bag ban as well as her new book on Capitol Pressroom (2018-04-24)

Maya van Rossum joins Kay Wood and Linda Rosenwein of Planet Philadelphia to start off Earth Day Weekend (2018-04-20)

Maya van Rossum on WCHE West Chester Fresh Perspective Radio (2018-04-19)

Maya van Rossum with Jami Floyd on Midday on WNYC (2018-02-23)

Maya van Rossum with KJZZ radio in Arizona - Effort Looks to Give Environment Constitutional Protection (2018-02-12)

Maya van Rossum with Myanna Dellinger on the Global Energy Environmental and Law Podcast (2018-02-07)

Maya van Rossum on Sea Change Radio Podcast (2018-02-06)

Maya van Rossum and Karen Feridun on Mrs Green's World: On the Scene – Episode One: FERC/Pipeline Review – Protesters Fighting for Citizen Rights (2018-01-23)

Maya van Rossum on N2theGarden radio podcast (2018-01-17)

Maya van Rossum with Jacque Howard of Trenton365 at Classics Books & Gifts Book event in New Jersey (2018-01-13)

Maya van Rossum on Urban Insights

Maya van Rossum on Stateside from MichiganRadio (2017-12-19)

Maya van Rossum speaks with host Marjoire Alexander on A Sustainable Mind podcast (2017-11-14)

Maya van Rossum speaks about The Green Amendment with Charles Ellison on WURD Radio Reality Check (2017-11-08)

Maya van Rossum talks about The Green Amendment on The Tom Sumner Program (2017-11-06)

2nd Anniversary Planet Philadelphia Environmental Radio Show streamed on GTown Radio (2017-09-15)

Maya van Rossum on the MOJO with Stef Renee - Philadelphia and the Environment (2016-10-25)

Maya van Rossum interview #2 with Tim Farley on Politics of the United States (P.O.T.U.S) on SiriusXM (2016-04-26)

Maya van Rossum interview with Tim Farley on Politics of the United States (P.O.T.U.S) on SiriusXM (2016-04-07)

Tracy Carluccio interview with Iris Marie Bloom on "Frack Alert: High-Test News about High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing" (2011-01-01)

Maya van Rossum interview with the Restaurant Guys (2006-05-23)


NJTV Online - Here’s the Story: Rivers (2018-12-07)

Maya van Rossum speaks to WOCA Source Radio about Green Amendments (Feb 2018)

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A Healthy River: Protecting It for the Generations | Maya Van Rossum | TEDxStroudsburgLibrary (2015-10-17)


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The Contribution is what has arguably called a "jamband supergroup". Made up of members of Railroad Earth, Stringcheese Incident, New Monsoon, the Everyone Orchestra and Widespread Panic, the music crosses genres yet all seems of a whole. The new album, Wilderness And Space, is being released one single at a time and each single will be for the benefit of a different non-profit organization. It's what the Contribution is all about. All proceeds from the purchase of "Dream out in the Rain" go to the Delaware Riverkeeper Network.