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Comment on Bushkill Creek Hercules Cement Quarry Deepening


DRN has submitted written comments to DEP regarding the proposal to allow Hercules to mine deeper at the Hercules/Buzzi Unicem quarry. Read the comments here and feel free to submit a letter in support of our comments or use DRN’s comments to inform your own letter. COMMENTS DUE TODAY 6/16 at 4:00 pm to .

Comment on Bushkill Creek Hercules Cement Quarry Deepening:

Bushkill Creek Hercules Cement quarry plans to mine deeper! Please submit your comments about the quarry’s operations and their plans to deepen their mining, the High Quality Bushkill Creek - a naturally producing trout stream experiencing fish kills and sink holes, and what you think about this expansion of their operations. The Bushkill needs our help!

This issue pertains to Hercules Cement Company, LP d/b/a Buzzi Unicem USA, Stockertown Quarry, Upper Nazareth Township & Palmer Township, Northampton County.

Hercules Cement has prior approval to deepen its excavation of rock at their quarry by 50 feet to mean sea level. However, PADEP is considering new conditions to be placed on their permit: “The DEP will evaluate that testimony and determine at a later date if the recommendations mentioned can be added as conditions to a permit.”

Many who know, love, and fish the Bushkill Creek have been appalled at the fish kills and sink holes in the creek adjacent to the quarry.

  • Due to the impact of the quarry operations, it has to pump water from the quarry back into the stream at the dizzying rate of 50- 65 million gallons of water every day. That’s 6 times the amount that all of Easton uses in a day!
  • The quarry has had pump failures 15 times since 2002 that have resulted in dewatering the creek, killing fish and aquatic life. The electric pump failures are more frequent in recent years yet they refuse to install back up generation.
  • In June 2020, the quarry’s pump shut down for 15 hours, killing over 2,000 fish including wild brown trout. The area of creek that was dewatered is home to a Class A Wild Trout Fishery.
  • What is all this water pumping doing to the aquifers and the creek?
  • How could it not be contributing to the plethora of sinkholes in the adjacent Bushkill where water is disappearing and seems to be sucked through the quarry walls to the pit?

Please comment and stand up for the Bushkill Creek and its tributaries, the fish and aquatic life that call it home, and the impacted communities who live here.