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DRBC Meeting 12/11/2019


PennEast is pressing hard in the courts, with FERC, and pressuring agencies and states to get the go ahead to approve their fracked gas pipeline. DRBC is the one agency that has the authority to put this to a stop right now. DRBC is also the one agency’ whose authority cannot be curtailed or preempted by regulatory rollback, policy change or Presidential Executive Order.

Having DRBC say “NO” to PennEast will stop the project in its tracks and will also ensure NJ has a powerful ally that will strengthen its legal position and the political will to continue to its stand against this dirty fracked gas fossil fuel pipeline catastrophe.  

It’s not just about PennEast.  DRBC is setting the precedent that will apply to all future pipelines that cut through some portion of the watershed.  So whether you are in the watershed or out, if you care about pipelines that could cut through our region, now is the time to join us in ensuring that DRBC sets a strong precedent in terms of its authority and willingness to reject approval to fracked gas pipelines.

We need to be sure that the DRBC will stand with the people and with their member states (particularly New Jersey and New York) who care about protecting our communities and future generations from the devastating water, forest, air, economic and climate impacts of fracked gas pipelines and the fracking industry they serve.  

Join us at the next DRBC Commissioners meeting to deliver a coordinated testimony.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019, 10AM - Gather, 10:30 AM Meeting starts
Washington Crossing Historic Park Visitor Center, 1112 River Road, Washington Crossing, PA


We will be gathering at the December 11 DRBC Commissioners meeting to deliver a single, long comment that we can deliver jointly. The comment will outline the misinformation and deficiencies in the information that PennEast has provided to regulators and the public; the DRBC’s own requirements; and the recent court ruling—that all make clear that it is not legally appropriate for the DRBC to do anything but Deny A Docket to the PennEast Pipeline.

Here is the Plan on PennEast for those that want to participate.

One by one we will each take our 2 minutes to read the Community Comment, with each person continuing where the person before left off.  In addition, we will all have the comment in the audience and will all be standing and reading along with the person officially at the podium. This will show that we are all standing together, as a community, in opposition to PennEast and will send a message that we are firmly and strongly coordinated and that we are firm in our position that It’s Time For DRBC To Deny A Docket to the PennEast Pipeline.  

While the DRBC does not allow signs inside the meeting, DRN will be providing green headbands with “No PennEast” printed on them for all to wear who want to silently share our message inside the meeting.  This will also make for a stunning photo that we can share with press and on social media - if we all wear our headbands then there will be a sea of green “No PennEast” in the picture regardless of whether we are standing or sitting when the photo is taken.

Time, Timing and Location.

The DRBC morning session will begin at the Washington Crossing Historic Park Visitor Center, 1112 River Road, Washington Crossing, Pa. at 10:30 am. We will be there 15 minutes early with extra copies of the joint testimony and headbands.

The meeting will begin with the DRBC undertaking the official work and votes they have scheduled on their agenda.  Once that is complete there will be granted time for open public dialogue where those who have signed up will be called one by one up to the podium to testify for 2-3 minutes.

Be sure to hang around after the meeting for a group photo. 

A strong showing of support for our comment message will help advance the kind of impact we hope for, deserve and need in our battle against PennEast.

If you aren’t signed up to testify or the lots were all taken we still need you to show a sea of green opposition to PennEast and to help read aloud from the audience the community comment that is being drafted.

SIGN THE PETITION – For individuals we have a petition to sign as a companion to the letter. We’ll deliver it at the December 11 DRBC Commissioners meeting. Please sign the petition and share, share, share.

SIGN THE ORGANIZATION LETTER – Organizational leaders, please consider adding your name to the sign on letter on behalf of your organization making our case to the DRBC (and the Governors that are the Commissioners and the decisionmakers) that it must exercise its authority to reject the PennEast pipeline. We want to have a strong showing to deliver to at the December 11 DRBC Commissioners meeting as well. You can sign on here:

All organizations signed on will be invited to provide a quote for the Press Release that will highlight the organizational letter and it’s delivery for the press.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019 - 10:00 AM