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Call, Tweet Gov. Cuomo for full frack ban

Tell NY Gov. Cuomo to Speak Up for the Delaware River Watershed!

On Monday, September 9, we are sending a clear message to Governor Cuomo that his constituents want the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) to fully ban fracking throughout the Delaware River Watershed and we want the Commissioners to vote now!

Last May, NJ Governor Phil Murphy, PA Governor Tom Wolf, and DE Governor John Carney publicly stated that they will, as the Commissioners of the DRBC, vote for a complete ban on all fracking within the Delaware River Watershed, including a ban on the importation, processing and discharge of toxic frack wastewater, and the exportation of water to fuel fracking elsewhere. Governor Andrew Cuomo has not yet spoken about his vote. 

On Monday, we will call him by phone and be tweeting up a storm aimed at Cuomo’s twitter feed with a video made to show him why the people want his no-fracking vote!

Call all day Monday to Gov. Cuomo at 518-474-8390. Tell him:

  • As the new Chairman of the DRBC, you have the responsibility to act to fully protect the entire Delaware River Watershed from pollution and degradation.
  • We need to fully protect the water supply for more than 15 million people by fully banning fracking, the withdrawal of water from the Delaware for fracking, and the dumping of frack wastewater throughout the Delaware River Basin.
  • The DRBC Commissioners voted two years ago to draft regulations to ban fracking in the Delaware River Basin but nothing has been concluded. The Commission is standing still as industry looms.

AND tweet a tweet with a special video made for Gov. Cuomo calling for a full ban commitment and DRBC vote!

e are tweeting up a storm aimed at Cuomo’s twitter feed with a video we made to show him why the people want his no-fracking vote!

Please join in and make this a mighty twitter storm! Simply copy and paste the following messages to tweet at Governor Cuomo, OR click on the following links to view and retweet our tweet, OR directly tweet to @NYGovCuomo himself!

Retweet this tweet
We must fully ban fracking and its activities to protect the Delaware River Basin water supplies. As Chairman of the DRBC, will you join your fellow Governors to vote for a comprehensive ban on fracking in the Delaware Watershed?

Retweet this tweet
to protect New Yorkers’ water the @DRBC1961 needs your vote to enact a full ban on fracking and its operations. See the video to see why.

Retweet this tweet
Will you vote with your fellow Commissioners at the @DRBC1961 to fully ban fracking and its activities in the Delaware River Basin?

The Governors of the four states that flow to the Delaware River – New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware – voted in September 2017 to draft gas regulations that would ban fracking throughout the watershed lands in all four states. The draft regulations were issued in 2017 and the comment period closed in March 2018. Fracking was proposed to be banned but the regulations would allow frack wastewater to be dumped in the Delaware River Watershed and Delaware River water to be exported for fracking out of the basin. Three of the four commissioners say they’ll vote for a COMPLETE ban on fracking and its activities but Gov. Cuomo hasn’t pledged his support.

Tens of thousands of people have been calling for the Governors, whom are the voting members of the DRBC along with the federal representative from the Army Corps, to enact a full ban on fracking, frack wastewater imports and water exports to fuel fracking elsewhere.  This is essential to protect the water resources of the Delaware River for the millions that rely upon our watershed for drinking water, recreation, economic prosperity and healthy ecosystems, and to help in the international effort to protect present and future generations from the devastating ravages of climate change.

We need Governor Cuomo to speak up NOW and join his fellow Commissioners for a full ban! Trump’s Army Corps representative never will, but we don’t need his vote.

Thank you for taking action! It is paramount that the four Governors unite to enact a full ban!

Monday, September 9, 2019 - 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM