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Week 2 - Tell the DRBC you want a COMPLETE Frack Ban!

Use these easy comment systems to ban fracking, frack wastewater, & water exports for fracking!

What? Cancer-causing chemicals in my drinking water? And Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) may let the fracking industry dump them in the Delaware River Watershed? It’s true, the DRBC is proposing to ban fracking in the Basin but allow wastewater from fracking to be imported here and may allow Delaware River water to be exported to fuel fracking elsewhere. But YOU have a say in this by telling DRBC NOW you want a complete ban on fracking and its activities in the Delaware River Watershed.

Welcome to Week 2 of quick but powerful comment systems that Delaware Riverkeeper Network and many other organizations are sharing to help you submit written comments to DRBC on their draft natural gas regulations and proposed ban up to March 30. Each week over the next 2 months we’re offering a dive into the issues. Please seize the moment with us to prevent the Delaware River watershed from being fracked! 

Below are 2 links that provide a simplified method to submit comments to DRBC so the depth of the public’s concern can be accurately recorded despite the unjust and convoluted public input process the DRBC has set up. You can simply click on the links below and find suggested comments or you can write your own into the template we provide and then submit right there.

The Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) issued draft natural gas regulations on Nov. 30. They proposed a ban on fracking but, illogically, also issued draft regulations that would allow the toxic wastewater produced by fracking to be stored, processed, and discharged in the Delaware River Watershed and allow water to be exported from the Basin for fracking elsewhere. It is critical that we make it clear that we want to BAN IT ALL – ban fracking throughout the Watershed, ban frack wastewater from being dumped here, and ban Delaware River Watershed water from being exported to fuel fracking  elsewhere.

Two great ways to do that are:
Watershed Wednesdays and Eight Weeks to a Ban.
Please go to BOTH these links to send your comment – it’s easy!

You can comment as many times as you wish – and that’s what we need so we make an iron-clad case on the DRBC’s record with many voices demanding a complete ban and spelling out why.

If you want to comment directly to DRBC, here is the link. Use these Talking Points.

And please come out to the last in-person public hearing Feb. 22.

This moment has been years in the making, please take part in the written comment process so we can achieve a COMPLETE ban on fracking once and for all throughout the Delaware River Watershed.

Thursday, February 8, 2018 - 12:00 AM to Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - 12:00 AM