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Virtual Canoe Race

Virtual Canoe Race

Calling all Young Paddlers!  Join us on an adventure down the Delaware River and never leave your home or classroom. Compete for prizes with other classrooms and youth groups in the Delaware Valley. You can do all this in the Delaware Riverkeeper Network’s 2017 Virtual Canoe Race for Young Paddlers which kicks off October 2.

The Virtual Canoe Race is designed to increase awareness of the Delaware River watershed. This online adventure presents information and activities on Geography, History, and Science in a trivia contest format. Participating classrooms will go on a virtual paddle along the 330-mile main stem of the Delaware River, gaining knowledge along the way (with a chance to win prizes).

How does the Virtual Canoe Race work? Starting on October 2 and then every Monday for six weeks, ten questions about the Delaware River watershed will be posted on the Virtual Canoe Race website. Every correct answer will move a boat farther down the virtual Delaware River. Bonus miles can be earned each week by completing additional tasks or activities. Examples of activities include visiting a local stream, planting trees, or sharing watershed information in your community.

Who Can Play? All young paddlers should be 14 years old or younger as of October 2, 2017. Young paddlers should play under the supervision of a parent, guardian, or educator. Young paddlers can choose to play in any one of two categories: 1) small classrooms or youth groups (up to 15 paddlers or 2) large classrooms or youth groups (16 to 35 paddlers).

Race Fees:

$20 for small groups (up to 15 paddlers)

$30 for large groups (16-35 paddlers)

These low registration fees are made possible by Virtual Canoe Race sponsors, advertisers in the Guide to the Virtual Canoe Race, and support from members of the Delaware Riverkeeper Network.

Register for the 2017 Virtual Canoe Race

Monday, October 2, 2017 - 12:00 AM