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Senate Recess Lobby Week - Stop FERC & Hear the People!

Senate Goes On Recess from April 10 to April 21.

Plan a meeting with your Senators in their district offices to ask:
--> FERC approved pipelines are damaging communities and devastating environments.
--> FERC is so biased that its approval of pipelines is a foregone conclusion.
--> FERC is abusing communities -- stripping them of their legal rights and undermining the authority of state protections.
--> Be a champion to demand that Congress hold hearings to learn the many ways communities are being harmed by FERC abuse of the law and its power. 
--> Take swift affirmative action to reform the Natural Gas Act so as to better protect communities including eliminating the threats associated with natural gas infrastructure.
--> Oppose restoration of a quorum at FERC until such time as these two actions have been complete.

Use this handy Education and Ask Sheet to help plan your meeting and guide your discussion:

Be sure to fill out this google form to let us know how things went and so we can report publicly how much our groups are doing to oppose these nominations

Get to work scheduling your meetings today.

Until Donald Trump's Nominees Get Confirmed, FERC Can't Approve Any -- None, Zero, Zippo -- Fracked Gas Pipelines or LNG Export Facilities -- Let’s Keep it That Way

Meet with your Senators and urge them to champion the need to hold hearings to get to the bottom of FERC's abuses of power and address them before approving one more appointee to the Commission! 

Right now, FERC is operating without a Quorum – it only has 2 Commissioners, not the needed 3.* Until a new FERC Commissioner is approved by the Senate, the agency cannot issue the Certificates needed to approve fracked gas pipelines, compressors or LNG exports subject to its jurisdiction.

This means communities are in a rare moment of protection.

We need Congress to keep FERC in this power vacuum until it has held hearings that expose the abuses of power and law inflicted by FERC on our communities and environment. And to then craft legislative reforms that will prevent these abuses from continuing in the future – even if that means dismantling FERC altogether and replacing it with a better option.

Find your senators' phone numbers and office locations at this link:

And don't forget this handy Education and Ask Sheet to help plan your meeting and guide your discussion:

Scroll down if you want to know if they are on the senate committee that will hold hearings on any FERC nominees. 

It’s Time to Call on your Senators and Secure their Commitment to Champion the Following:
• Oppose Any New FERC Commissioners
• To Demand Congressional Hearings into FERC Abuses and Bias
• To identify reforms that will result in an agency dedicated to a just transition to energy that serves the people rather than abuses them.

Don’t know their number? Find it here: 

Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee which is responsible for holding hearings on Trump’s nominees to FERC.

Senator Maria Cantwell, Minority Ranking Member: 202 224 3441
Senator Bernie Sanders: 202 224 5141
Senator Al Franken: 202 224 5641
Senator Ron Wyden: 202 224 5244
Senator Debbie Stabenow: 202 224 4822
Senator Angus King: 202 224 5344
Senator Mazie Hirono: 202 224 6361
Senator Tammy Duckworth: 202 224 2854
Senator Catherine Cortez Masto: 202 224 3542
Senator Joe Manchin: 202 224 3954
Senator Martin Heinrich: 202 224 5521

Senator Lisa Murkowski, Chair: 202 224 6665
Senator Rob Portman: 202 224 3353
Senator John Barrasso: 202 224 6441
Senator James Risch: 202 224 2752
Senator Mike Lee: 202 224 5444
Senator Jeff Flake: 202 224 4521
Senator Steve Daines: 202 224 2651
Senator Cory Gardner: 202 224 5941
Senator Lamar Alexander: 202 224 4944
Senator John Hoeven: 202 224 2551
Senator Bill Cassidy: 202 224 5824
Senator Luther Strange: 202 224 4124

Monday, April 10, 2017 - 08:00 AM to Friday, April 21, 2017 - 08:00 AM