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Natural Gas Liquids

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Natural Gas Liquids – Proposed Export Facility, Repauno site, Gibbstown NJ: “Gibbstown Logistics Center”

Delaware River Partners, LLC is proposing to build a new deepwater port at 200 N. Repauno Avenue, in Gibbstown, Greenwich Township, Gloucester County, NJ on the Delaware River.  Dubbed “Gibbstown Logistics Center”, the port would be located on the former Dupont explosives manufacturing site known as the Repauno Plant.  The applicant wants to use the site to store and transport natural gas liquids that would be brought in by freight rail cars (rail exists on the site currently) from points west (including the Marcellus shale region in Pennsylvania), offloaded to tanks and an underground cavern located on site that was used for explosives by Dupont, and then shipped out through a new port located on the Delaware River federal navigation channel.

The site is under a cleanup order due to toxic contamination of groundwater from Dupont’s use of the property, shuttered about 20 years ago.  The site was used for manufacturing and processing of highly dangerous materials and some of the chemicals used are still in the environment at dangerous levels, under a continuing order by NJDEP to pump and treat. This includes nitrobenzene, a highly toxic carcinogenic chemical and aniline, which is involved with the processing of benzene to make nitrobenzene.  Toxic acids were also used in the nitrobenzene manufacturing process. Industrial diamond processing was also done and may have used chemical vapor deposition or other processes that are used to manufacture industrial and synthetic diamonds. 

Many permits have been applied for by Delaware River Partners for the development of the Gibbstown Logistics Center. The company is also applying for and, in one instance has already received, site plan approvals from Greenwich Township for portions of the property to be used for warehouses and related activities. A copy of DRN’s letter to Greenwich Township Planning and Zoning Boards is below.

A group of residents have organized in opposition to the project and has appealed the municipal minor site plan approval: Concerned Citizens for the Redevelopment of the Repauno Site (CCRRS)

DRN has engaged experts to review the permit applications noticed by NJDEP.  Copies of the comments submitted are below.

The permits applied for were put on hold on August 26, 2016 by NJDEP based on a “Deficiency Letter” issued to Delaware River Partners.  DRN contributed evidence to NJDEP that led to the Deficiency Letter because of numerous missing documents from the file that is required to be maintained at the Greenwich Township Municipal Building by the applicant, and because of other errors and missing information in the permit applications. A copy of the NJDEP deficiency letter is below.

Numerous files were obtained by DRN through the Open Public Records Act in New Jersey and reviewed by DRN staff and consultants over several months.  All records were also shared with colleague organizations and residents in New Jersey who are concerned about the development of the project. 

Permits that were applied for to NJDEP include:

Coastal Wetlands permit 0807-16-0001.2-CSW160001 application 8/1/16 by CHEMOURS REPAUNO PLANT @ EI DUPONT DENEMOURS
Individual Flood Hazard NJDEP # 0807-16-0001.2-FHA 160001
FHA Verification NJDEP # 0807-16-0001.2-FHA 160002
FWW 160001 FWIPW Individual permit
FWW160002 WET Individual wetlands permit
FWTW4R transition SAW redevelopment Special Activity Individual permit;
IP Upland Individual permit/upland;
NJDEP LOI # 0807‐16‐0001.1

Until applications are resubmitted that comply with NJDEP regulations, the forward movement of the deepwater port is on hold but the applicants are actively engaged to resubmit to develop the project.