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Tell Congress Time to Investigate FERC!


For decades, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has been misusing its authority to advance fracked gas pipeline projects regardless of its impacts on communities, property rights, our environment, or future generations. And so, on January 29, 2019, 181 groups representing pipeline-impacted communities from across the nation called on the incoming Congress to hold hearings to investigate the many ways FERC abuses communities and its power when reviewing and approving fracked gas pipeline projects. We need you to help magnify this call for investigation into FERC’s abuses so that Congress can put in place needed reforms that will protect our communities, rights and environment. Please take a moment to send an email, release a tweet, and/or call your member of Congress to help make clear that among the many things Congress is committed to investigating, they need to investigate FERC. Time and time again FERC is known to:

  • Strip people of their legal and due process rights to challenge FERC approval of natural gas pipelines and infrastructure before the power of eminent domain is used to seize their property rights, and construction is allowed to proceed, thereby inflicting irreparable harm on communities and the environment;
  • Undermine the legal authority of states to determine whether natural gas pipelines and infrastructure would violate state water quality standards and should be approved, denied or modified prior to construction;
  • Ignore the impacts of natural gas pipelines, a serious and growing source of climate changing methane emissions, for global warming and climate change;
  • Undermine the authority of other federal agencies to determine if the project would comply with all federal laws;
  • Advance pipeline projects based on demonstrably false and misleading facts, claims and “data;
  • Advance pipeline projects without genuine demonstration of need;
  • Allowing third party contractors with demonstrated conflicts of interest and an obvious vested interest in the outcome to lead review of the proposed project.

This is just a short list. It is time for Congress to investigate FERC’s abuses of power and law and to put in place needed reforms. Please join us in calling for congressional hearings.

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