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STOP DuPont/Chemours Hazardous Waste Scheme: NJ A3116


Call your New Jersey Legislator and legislative leadership NOW!

A bill that gives a green light without current hazardous waste standards to the DuPont, now Chemours, Chambers Works Hazardous Waste Facility in Salem County is being rammed through the New Jersey Legislature!  The bill has already passed the Senate but has not been approved by the Assembly. The Waste Facilities bill A3116 (Burzichelli)/S879 (Sweeney) exposes the environment, the public and the Delaware River to pollution and enormous safety risks.

The proposed legislation creates a loophole that redefines a hazardous waste facility so that Chambers Works would be able to operate as a hazardous waste processing and discharge facility without meeting the rigors of the Act.  This caters to the special interests of the corporation and runs counter to the basic tenants of environmental and public health protections that the Act is meant to provide. 

Call the Assembly Speaker and your own Assembly Representative NOW. We have the opportunity to stop this bill at the Assembly but time is short!

Call: General Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin at (732) 855-7441 (Woodbridge).

To find your Legislator, go here.

Tell them you oppose A3116 (Burzichelli) because:

  • This expansion would lead to more pollution in the Delaware River and Bay. The Chambers Works facility was identified under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (USEPA) Toxics Resource Inventory as the largest discharger of hazardous waste in New Jersey for many years. In 2010, for instance, DuPont was the biggest polluter in New Jersey and the 4th biggest polluter in the country. 
  • Currently, they can only discharge waste generated on the site. This bill would allow the import of hazardous waste from all over, including wastewater from fracking unless the DRBC bans its import.
  • DuPont has a history of violations at the Chambers Works facility. For instance, in 2011 in a settlement agreement with USEPA, DuPont paid a $250,000 civil penalty to settle alleged violations of hazardous waste regulations at Chambers Works.
  • The Chambers Works Facility has never conducted an anti-degradation analysis for the release of treated wastewater or any analysis on the bioaccumulation of toxins in the ecosystem and, if allowed this loophole, wouldn’t have to do an analysis showing there is no significant adverse impact on the environment and public health from the discharge of hazardous pollutants there.
  • DuPont’s attempt to bring VX Nerve Agent to the Chambers Works Facility for dumping into the Delaware River in 2004-2006 and similar extremely dangerous efforts could arise again if the facility is allowed this loophole.

To read about bill A3116 go here.

Thank you for taking action today!