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PennEast Costs Us All - Volunteer From Home to Calculate How Much


Mountain Valley Pipeline Could Cost Communities as much as $9 billion!

What Will PennEast Cost Us?

Help Us Mine the FERC docket so our experts can figure it out.

Volunteers Needed for Important Comment Analysis Before the Close of the Ridiculous DEIS Comment Period

The Draft Environmental Impact Statement from PennEast is nearly 1,200 pages long. FERC is offering only 45 days during the busiest vacation time of the year for the public to read and comment on this critically important filing.

With an insulting public comment deadline of September 5, we need volunteers now more than ever for help in our analysis of comments that have been submitted to the docket – an analysis that will demonstrate the tremendous and unavoidable costs we will all suffer if the PennEast Pipeline were to be built!

Thanks to our amazing volunteers so far, we are nearing the end of our comment analysis project. In order for our analysis to be most impactful and be included during this most important comment period, we need to synthesize as many comments as possible before September 5.

The more comments we can analyze before the deadline, the stronger our battle against PennEast will be. Volunteering for our project is a great way to be involved in the fight against the pipeline.

New volunteers who’d like to help analyze comments submitted to the docket for key information critical to our economic and impact analysis can follow these instructions: Go to to read a bit more about the effort. Then click I’m In! to sign up and join the crowd.

Once you’ve signed up you’ll get a couple letters from the FERC docket emailed to you and, using an online form, you’ll record key information about each letter, including what the letter-writer’s concerns about the PennEast Pipeline might be. This is a great way to help ensure that ALL voices are heard in the environmental review process. You can do this from wherever you are at your own pace and convenience!

If you’re ready to make an impact with whatever amount of time, big or small, that you can give, please head over to and get started.

Help hold FERC accountable to the voices of the people most concerned about, and affected by, the proposed PennEast Pipeline – Join our Volunteers today and Help Complete our Review!