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To learn more about the harms of pipelines and the science regarding them, check out our Pipeline Ongoing Issues page and our activity to the right on this page.

Thank you for standing up to defend against gas infrastructure!

Thirteen new and/or expanding pipelines are already proposed to travel through the boundaries of the Delaware River watershed.
 New pipelines and expansions are proposed to cut through the counties of:
  • Berks, Chester, Delaware, Lebanon, Monroe, Montgomery, Pike, Schuylkill, and Wayne, Counties in Pennsylvania;
  • Gloucester, Hunterdon and Sussex Counties in New Jersey;
  • New Castle and Kent Counties in Delaware; and
  • Broome, Delaware, Orange and Sullivan Counties in New York. 
These pipeline projects will be cutting through our communities, through residential neighborhoods, through mature and pristine forests, through our highest quality and most valued streams and wetlands. These cuts are invasive, damaging and permanent.
The four pipelines that have cut through the boundaries of the watershed in the past 2 years (since 2011) have cut scars across our communities, created increased runoff and pollution, and devastated natural areas important to species, recreation, ecotourism, and the economic values they bring.

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