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Concern For Gun Shot Raining on the River

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The Pennsylvania DEP said that despite evidence that every time the Philadelphia Gun Club holds one of its live pigeon shoots that it rains gun shot down on the Delaware River in an area well used by boaters, causing both pollution and a safety hazard, that no government oversight is needed.

Please sign your statement of concern to show officials that gun shot raining on the River does matter.  

This is not about the right to bear arms, to own a gun, this is about ensuring guns used for recreational purposes are not used in such a way as to endanger others. 

If you stood next to a park or recreational trail used throughout the year and shot a gun up into the air so
that gun shot rained down on that park or trail, even during times when people play, run, walk, cycle or otherwise use the area you'd be stopped by the authorities, probably ticketed or fined.  If you continued those shoots 12 times a year every year you'd be in even bigger trouble. It would only take one call to get the authorities to act.

If you stood on the banks of the Delaware River 12 times a year and for 4 to 6 hours threw trash in, handful after handful, you’d be stopped and probably get a fine. 

If you, an individual, stood on the banks of the Delaware River and shot a gun up into the air so that gun shot came raining down onto the water, even when boaters were boating by, you’d be stopped and probably fined. 

If that is the case, then why is it that the Philadelphia Gun Club can do that very same act, a whole gun club not just one person, and shoot their gun up into the air so gun shot rains out over and into the river, polluting the river and putting in jeopardy anyone boating by, with no permit and no repercussions? 

A curtain/fabric screen the Philadelphia Gun Club has hung to hide their actions on the site does not protect river users from the rain of gun shot, and does nothing with regards to the gun shot from the club’s shooters that stand and shoot openly from the banks of the river. Check out this video to see for yourself: 

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