DRBC Mtg -- Pipeline Petition Needs Your Support

Date(s): 12/05/2012
Time(s): Morning session 11 am; Afternoon public metg 1:30 pm
Location : DRBC Offices, 25 State Police Drive, West Trenton, New Jersey

Please Speak Out to Be Part of the Solution 
December 5th Speak Out Against the Dangers of Pipelines and 
the More Fracking and Drilling they Bring. 

On December 5th tell the Delaware River Basin Commission you expect them to exercise their authority over pipelines being proposed for our Watershed and region. 

Pipelines = 
  • Drilling 
  • Fracking
  • Deforestation 
  • Harms to Human Health 
  • Eminent Domain 
  • Water Pollution 
  • Air Pollution 
  • Cuts through our communities & landscapes 
Without DRBC review there is no one looking at the individual or cumulative threats these fracked gas pipelines pose. DRBC is the one agency that can fill that critical gap. And they have the authority to say “no” if they want to. 

DRBC review can yield information and decisions that could turn the heads of our governors, our president and others holding elected office – helping us build the support we need to defeat drilling, fracking and the pipelines they bring. 

Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Delaware are all literally on the chopping block of proposed pipelines that would cut through the region. 

With your pressure and that of tens of thousands, DRBC stepped in to regulate gas and a moratorium on drilling in the Delaware River watershed still stands today. Let’s ensure they also step up to regulate pipelines too to help our watershed as well as communities to the west where drilling is running rampant, supported and induced by … pipelines. 

What you can do:

1. Join us December 5th to testify before the DRBC in West Trenton, NJ.  Details about the meeting can be found at the DRBC website http://www.state.nj.us/drbc/meetings/upcoming/.

2. Whether or not you can make it on December 5th please send your letter to the DRBC today.  For help in doing that click here.  

3. Sign the citizens petition and share it on facebook: http://www.change.org/petitions/fracked-gas-pipelines-a-danger-needing-review

To hear the Delaware Riverkeeper testify about the petition and the impact of pipelines click here.  

To learn more about the harms of pipelines that did pass through without DRBC review click here or here.

To read more and read our petition click here.  

Pipelines that could be built in or through our watershed include: 
  • DTE Bluestone Pipeline 
  • TGP Northeast Upgrade Project 
  • ESNG Greenspring Project 
  • Transco Northeast Supply Link 
  • Transco Philadelphia Lateral 
  • Texas Eastern Appalachia to Market Expansion 2014 (TEAM 2014) Project 
  • Transco Leidy Southeast Expansion ? Sonoco Mariner East Project 
  • Commonwealth Pipeline 
  • Transco Northeast Connector 
  • NiSource East Side Expansion Project

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